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The Sonder Keyboard can be used for work or play


sonder e-ink

If you’re a creative type, there’s a good chance you use your computer for far more than typing up emails and checking social media. Your computer is your canvas for everything you do in the digital world. It’s where you edit photos, videos, create spreadsheets, make posters, play games, and much more. While each type of work in the physical world has its own set of tools, each digital job has hotkeys or accessories.

If you’re tackling more than a few different projects in several different programs, it might be beneficial to have which shortcuts are what labeled appropriately. To save yourself from color-coding every key cap, the Sonder Keyboard can do the job better, faster, and more precisely. Using an e-ink display for 50 of the keys, you can set them up to show Japanese, DVORAK, or any other layout you want. In regards to playing games, you could make your own specific icon to know what spell you’re casting or gun you’re choosing.

This should play nicely with PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, and any other device that uses Bluetooth. You can even use this at night as it has backlighting that will make sure you always know what you’re pressing. You’ll be able to store several layouts, as well as access community-built layouts and functions. You can currently pre-order one of these for $199, which is 100 less than it will be when it’s on the market for real.

Available for pre-order on Sonderdesign, found via cultofmac