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The Soma Filter – who knew water could be so pretentious

Soma Water Filter

No one wants to drink well water that tastes of rust and dead flies. Tap water is a step above, changing its non-flavor with the quality of the pipes it runs through as well as the surrounding area. The best way to go is putting tap water through a filter, and if you’re not up to using a Lifestraw to suck down every glass of water, you’ll likely want some form of pitcher option so you can fill it up time and time again.

While we’re all very well acquainted with Brita, it’s not the only choice on the market. While you usually want to go with the one that will make the water the “healthiest” for you, taste is certainly a prevalent factor. The plant-based filters that use coconut shell often taste the most pleasing, but don’t always pull every single particulate that we want out. The Soma Filter uses one such filter, with a plant-based casing, and pours the final product into a pitcher that should last you several glasses.

Each filter can last through 4 gallons, and replacement filters will cost you $12.99 each. The handle is made of white oak, the lid opens automatically when you’re filling it from the tap, and won’t have any trouble staying on while you’re pouring it. It is NSF standard 42 certified, and is meant to be hand-washed only. It will only cost you $39.99 for the pitcher and a filter, though the additional filters is where it’s really going to start adding up.

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