Solowheel – Looks Like Half a Segway, but Oh So Portable and Twice as Fun

Once again, I have something to share, live from the New York Toy Fair, and how I wish I had come across this booth first, instead of on my last day and 24th mile here at the show. Boy are my feet sore.
Check out the Solowheel, the most awesome motorized AND portable personal transportation device you have ever seen. The Solowheel is a singular self balancing wheel, with side mounted and foldable foot pegs. The whole thing weighs in at only 20 pounds, can travel at speeds up to 12 miles an hour and can easily be carried around suitcase-style!  See more pictures and video HERE

The Solowheel works by using gyroscopic technology for balance, a 1000 watt motor, and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that manages to recapture some of its own energy when you coast or take a downhill ride. The battery charges up in less than an hour, and each charge provides you with about 2 hours of true motoring pleasure.
The Solowheel is so much easier to use than you would think, after mastering the mount, you can just step up onto it and you’re on your way, leaning controls your speed and direction. Lean forward to go forward and backward when you want to slow down.
Wow, I can see the city of the future, and there are a whole bunch of these in it!
And at around $1500.00 bucks, I’m hoping one of them is going to be mine!