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SOLOS smart glasses will change the way you work out

solosSo you are all in when it comes to the smart device revolution, with the smartphone being one of the most basic of tools to own these days. Of course, following that you will also have a plethora of smart watches to choose from, so why not go the whole nine yards and have a pair of smart glasses to go along with the entire shebang? This is what Kopin Corporation’s SOLOS smart glasses is all about. Touted to be the lightest augmented reality smart glasses in the world that caters for sports and consumer fitness niches, it has been specially designed to inform and inspire athletes and consumers alike, pushing them to reach their full potential.

 This latest model of the SOLOS smart glasses will deliver new features that have been specially integrated after receiving consumer and athlete feedback. Among them include design and lifestyle elements which will transform any riding or running experience into a better one, built-in music and voice control, group communication, interchangeable lenses and an adjustable nose piece for increased customization capability, all without weighing you down in its sleek and lightweight design. Not only that, users will be thrilled to know that they are compatible with iOS and Android platforms, in addition to smartwatches that run on Android Wear 2.0.

Targeting cyclists, triathletes, runners and even fitness enthusiasts, the SOLOS smart glasses deliver critical information in a seamless, integrated manner via sight and sound. Delivering a more natural method of communicating data, it automatically makes everything safer and more immediate, while ensuring that the athlete remains focused, present and fully aware of his or her surroundings. The glasses will do away with the need to look down, break stride and lose focus, all made possible via a heads-up Pupil display.

Expect the SOLOS smart glasses to be available for $499 a pop if you are interested in making your next workout session a special one.

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