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The solidLUUV is a camera stabilizer for all occasions



The cameras in our phones have come a long way in the last decade. It seems like we jumped from Nokia bricks to iPhones in no time flat. We’re not only able to take crisp, detailed photos, but high quality videos as well. While it is certainly possible to have a good eye for framing, the equipment you use is going to make all the difference. There are tripods and stabilizers, but more often than not, they’re stationary, making action shots very difficult to accurately capture.

If you’re wanting a steadicam¬†of sorts, then this solidLUUV might be able to help you out. This looks like a bicycle horn, but will hold your phone, compact cam, or action camera steady while you’re trying to keep up with the movement to get the perfect shot. It uses a modular setup, and if you should attach their electronic module, you can have a 2×3-axis stabilizer.

You can use this one-handed, and with the 3-axis gimbal and grip, you will always get steady, fluid shots. There are no extra tools you’ll need, as this will work with any type of camera that weighs 500grams or less, which they say is guaranteed. You will need to tweak the balance here and there, but they give you a chart of how to balance things out accordingly to the type of camera you use. This is waterproof, easy to use, and will cost you anywhere from $111-223 depending on whether or not you want the electronic module as well.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter