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SolarWindow intends to develop electricity-generating flexible glass

solarwindowSolarWindow Technologies has a name that is pretty easy to reveal its intentions — that is, it has something to do with harnessing the power of the sun in order to generate electricity in the long run. Well, they are the developer of transparent electricity-generating coatings when it comes to glass windows and flexible veneers, and have just announced plans to work on electricity-generating flexible glass. If that were to be realized on a large scale that can be incorporated into building projects all over the world, it would be big news indeed.

SolarWindow did share, “Along with our SolarWindow liquid coatings for rigid glass, we’re excited to expand our capabilities with brand new ways of generating clean electricity on almost any surface imaginable by using flexible Corning Willow Glass.”

The team of researchers over at SolarWindow have sought to apply layers of the company’s liquid coatings onto Corning Willow Glass. Once done, they laminated them under conditions which will simulate the high pressure and temperatures that can be found in the manufacturing process of commercial glass and window producers. The end result? A bendable glass ‘veneer’, which is no thicker than your average business card which will then generate electricity.

SolarWindow figured out that through the installation of these sheets over current skyscraper windows, it will be able to help provide relief for the monthly electricity bill as whole buildings can be transformed into vertical power generators. Not only is the size of the carbon footprint reduced, it can also be used on other flat and curved surfaces such as on automobiles, trucks, buses, airplanes, and boats. Truly, the road to a greener world where transportation and buildings alike will help make the earth be a better place to live in is being realized. We can only wait with bated breath as to when this development is made mainstream.

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