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Solar Velomobile helps you get around the green way

solar-velomobileWhen it comes to commuting, some of us do prefer to drive instead of taking the public transport, never mind that driving adds to the overall level of stress as you get stuck in a massive traffic jam each day, not to mention increasing your carbon footprint along the way. Electric cars are not exactly the cheapest option either, which means there should be other alternatives out there that lets you move around in short distances without breaking the bank.

The $9,900 Solar Velomobile might be just the right ticket. This particular velomobile would come with a solar-powered motor, where it allows you to move about without having to drop by the local gas station thanks to the sun’s rays, and should its power reserves run out, you can always choose to fall back on Flintstones’ style – that is, pedal power.

There will be a solar panel that is built right into the roof in order to power the 600-watt electric motor for up to 45 miles on a single charge, and that range will be slightly more than doubled to 100 miles when combined with pedaling. It has a maximum speed of 20mph via motor alone, or 30mph in pedal-assist mode. Legally, it has been classified as a bicycle, so you need no driving license to bring this bad boy around.