the Solar Suitcase – Saving Lives Overnight

So many of us take for granted some of the most common things in our lives. We rely on our medical system when we are sick. We have plenty of clean and amply equipped hospitals where we can give birth, or be made well. What if we didn’t have any of those things? What if you, or someone you loved had an emergency and the nearest hospital didn’t even have electricity. Yes, places like that still exist, and people are dying there.
Check out the WE CARE Solar Suitcase, originally designed to offer timely emergency obstetric care in areas with few resources and no reliable sources of  electricity ( where women were commonly losing their lives during childbirth), the Solar Suitcase is a portable power unit that provides health care workers in any situation with highly efficient medical lighting and power for phones, computers and other essential medical devices. 
Of course, by equipping these off-grid medical clinics with this useful solar power, these clinics can now offer appropriate emergency care, and not only for expectant moms, these devices can substantially improve overall mortality and morbidity rates and the quality of care for so many people living in regions where folks have long been without proper services.
The system costs only around $1500 to produce and includes high-efficiency LED medical task lighting, a universal cell phone charger, a battery charger for AAA or AA batteries, and outlets for 12V DC devices. The basic system comes with 40 or 80 watts of solar panels, and a 12 amp-hour sealed lead-acid battery with an expansion kit available for utilizing larger batteries.
To read more about where We Care Solar is being used all around the world, or to donate to their efforts, please visit

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