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Solar Powered Wide Angle Security Light lets you see more with less

solar-powered-wide-angle-lightNormally, when we talk about wide angles, we are referring to the kind of lenses used on cameras, you know, being able to capture some really nice looking photos despite having very little distance between you and the subjects or area of photo that you are shooting. How about a wide angle light? Now that lets you see a whole lot more than a concentrated, narrow beam of light, doesn’t it? The $139.95 Solar Powered Wide Angle Security Light is unique in a sense where it illuminates decks, pathways, or gardens across a 120° area.

This is certainly a whole lot better than a regular bulb, and with sixteen ultra-bright LED lights, you will be able to see more than 878 lumens of glare-free light, which arrives in a wide-angle beam that projects a cone of light 50′ away. It is a snap to mount in any home, where the solar panel itself can capture the optimum amount of sunlight when positioned on a flat or angled rooftop thanks to its 15′ cable. The light will automatically turn on whenever it detects any motion, and the duration of the illumination can be set from 10 seconds up to one minute. It takes up to 8 hours for the solar panel to charge the battery fully, and it can last up to 100 activations.