Solar Powered Rainbow Maker


Have a lovely home with plenty of windows where you love letting the light shine in each morning for that added bit of perk in your daily life? Why not spruce it up even further with the $24.99 Solar Powered Rainbow Maker?

Like rainbows? Our Solar Powered Rainbow Maker will bring good Chi into your home while it fills your room with a swirl of dazzling rainbows! Stick the Rainbow Maker to any window that receives direct sunlight. The crystal will rotate and create beautiful rainbows that move around the room. Genuine Swarovski crystal rotates and refracts sunlight to create rainbows.

We’re pretty sure this will keep little ones mesmerized for hours on end, only to wonder whether they might be curious enough to pull it off from the window, resulting in an accident. Guess one had best put this out of reach of children just to be safe.