Solar Powered Pool Purifier makes swimming nearly chemical free

Solar Powered Pool Purifier

Here at CG, we’re always on the look out for gadgets that not only make your pool experience more high tech, but easier. First there was the remote control pool skimmer, then the wireless pool monitor. Both were designed to make it easier to keep the pool clean and balanced. But let’s face it, you still have to hassle with chlorine, pool shock and conditioners. And although these gadgets make it easier, they certainly don’t take the place of pool maintenance.

Well now there may be something from Smart Home that completely does away with the hassle of balancing your pool chemicals altogether. The Solar Powered Pool Purifier floats in your pool as it treats it with mineral ions that condition the pool and keep it green free by halting the growth of algae and other microorganisms by 80%. In fact, the Pool Purifier makes the pool water so safe, it meets the EPA established drinking water standards!

Solar panels power the process that can treat up to 40,000 gallons so there’s no electrical cost or shock hazard. The initial purification process takes about two weeks, and each mineral electrode should last 1-2 years before replacement. In the end, you have no dry or itchy skin, a chemically reduced (a small amount of chlorine is needed to dissolve dust contanimation) and environmentally friendly swimming pool for the kids to cavort around!

Cost is about $270.00 a piece and more than one may be needed for larger swimming pools.

Bring on the bumper boats.

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