Solar powered pond fountain

solar-fountainSo you love decorating your home’s lawn with garden gnomes and the ilk, but surely you’re not going to let them die of thirst? Hence, the presence of a pond in the middle of your garden to further enhance the overall look of your very own personal space in this big, big world. Why not make it spring to life (literally) with the solar-powered pond fountain?

Cordless solar powered pond fountain harnesses the sun’s natural energy to produce a dramatic fountain in your outdoor pond. Create a focal point in your garden and relax to the sound of cascading water. No hoses or wires required, simply stake separate solar panel in the ground to collect sunlight. No need for costly wiring to any remote locatioin. Environmentally friendly, saves money and reduces energy costs. Choose from two fountain heights.

You will be able to choose from 36″ and 14″ versions which retail for $89.98 and $69.98, respectively.

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