Solar Powered Plant Pot keeps gardening interesting

If you’re tired of all those boring little walkway lights to make your garden illuminated all through the night, this pot is a cute little alternative.  It works in the same way any of the other solar lamps works, it just happens to house a plant as well.  The odd little pot comes in either a chic looking white or the slightly geeky alternative which flashes between several different colors.  When you’re committed to being a bit of a gadget addict, you can’t have a pot that doesn’t do some other function besides hold a plant.

Although I’m not exactly sure what type of plant could possibly go well with a glowing pot.  The poinsettia they show on the site just doesn’t seem to fit quite right.  Now, if the pot could make the plant itself glow, then that would be a neat trick.  Then your garden would look radioactive and keep things interesting.  The pot is being sold on Firebox’s UK site the white one is being sold for about $39 and the color changing for about $45.  Which means it might take you a bit to save up to collect several of these guys.

Source: pocket-lint