Solar Powered Garden Shower

Hot Garden Shower

Say you’ve been playing in the garden on a cool inflatable water slide only to discover somebody has been cutting the grass. This means as well as having grass stains on your knees you also have to risk the wrath of the lady of the house when you pad grass clippings through the kitchen. What you need is a shower outside and this is the coolest and hottest outdoor shower I’ve seen!

 The solar garden shower is a cheap to run (though maybe not to buy) and ecologically friendly shower for the garden. Simply connect it to a normal garden hose and in 30 minutes (on a sunny day) you’ll have enough hot water for up to 5 showers.

The solar shower heats the water to 50°C which should be plenty hot enough for most people, if you fancy a cooler garden shower you can use the mixer tap to get your desired temperature.

Now if only I had the money and space for a pool I’d be adding this to my wish list. The solar garden shower unit is available from Pro-Idee in the Uk for £495 (fit bird in red swim suit not included :)).

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