Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger lets you chill without energy worries

If you so happen to be well off enough to actually own a swimming pool in your home, then to pick and choose the various accessories for it would make plenty of sense. After all, swimming lap after lap in it can get boring after a while, unless you are on some sort of strict training regime. Having said that, you might want to check out this particularly useful add-on for your swimming pool, the $4,000 Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger.

The Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger’s name says it all – this particular motorized reclining lounge chair will come with its fair share of built-in misters to help you keep nice and cool even in the sweltering heat, while the integrated speakers would work well in letting you chill out to your latest songs. If your water-resistant device happens to be running low on juice, fret not – there is a USB charging port that will help you out, where the entire shebang is powered by harnessing the power of the sun. A pair of 24″ x 6″ solar panels that are located on each side of the chair’s base will provide power for all the extensive entertainment features, while there is a control pad on the left armrest which offers simple push-button operation of a quiet hydraulic lift that will gently recline or raise the back. The fingertip-adjustable nozzles atop each armrest will also be able to emit a refreshing mist. Now this is definitely living it up in style.