Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer

You cannot just leave a cat cooped up at home all day long, as it too, has the need to hunt – being part of its built-in nature, that is. Since you are out at work from morning till dusk, and letting loose a couple of rats before you leave for the office would most probably result in you greeting a disgusting sight by the time you return home (not to mention that awful, rotting smell of a carcass), how about getting a toy to keep your feline friend amused and occupied while you are gone? The $39.95 Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer lives up to its name by never requiring to fall back on batteries, but will move whenever it is struck by sunlight to simulate the behavior of prey.

The Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer did pick up the gong for being the Best Cat Product of the Year by Cat Fancy magazine, and it is affixed to a window or glass door using industrial-grade suction cups which are capable of resisting even the strongest tug by a leaping pet. Whenever it’s solar cell is in the path of direct sunlight, the built-in motor will activate, moving the rod back and forth in order to cause the dangling plastic ball and colorful feathers to sway and bounce, mesmerizing your pet cat and prompting them to exercise and practice their hunting skills. You can also detach it for manual operation whenever you are home.

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