The Solar Powered Bird-B-Gone Bird Repeller


I usually like birds, that is as long as they’re in the proper environment.  I’m not exactly fond of them when they decide to use my car as target practice though.  There are just those times when birds go from being pretty melodious creatures to being a pain.  Well if you have a situation where the birds are causing trouble on a flat surface of some kind, that’s a little out of reach for you, you could pick up this solar device.  It’s a great alternative if you aren’t ready just yet to whip out a gun and camp out.

The device has a 5 foot diameter that it can keep birds out of.  It does so by doing a helicopter type motion and keeps birds on their toes.  It works for birds of all sizes, including the larger sized birds.  It aggravates them just enough that they will fly off.  It has 3 AA batteries within it, that are rechargeable and allow for it to work during the night hours.  You can purchase the Solar Powered Bird-B-Gone Bird Repeller for $87.99 from Amazon.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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