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Solar Powered 8m Airship for only Ten pounds

This solar powered gadget looks a load more fun than the solar powered ventilator we wrote about earlier (though not as much fun as the Wego Kite Tube). The black Solar Airship is probably the most fun you can have in the park with your clothes on.

To use the sausage shaped Airship, simply fill with air which I assume is done by holding it open and running across the field with an insane grin on your face (so no puffing required though probably a bit of panting). Once filled with air the solar airship measures a whopping 8 metres long. Next you let the sun heat the airship and watch it rise into the air holding on for dear life. I’m not sure what sort of weight it can lift but it will be fun to find out.

You can get the Solar Airship from The Gadget Shop for £10 which is an absolute steal IMO.

1 thought on “Solar Powered 8m Airship for only Ten pounds”

  1. This gadget is amazing. I bought one yesterday and have had so much fun with it today.
    It’s like a massive glorified kite that doesn’t need wind, but don’t get your hopes up it can’t actually lift a person.
    The downside: my string snapped due to me jumping to make it look like it was carrying me away. As a result, it kinda took to the skies and eventually disappeared from sight – floating literally as high as the clouds somewhere above the Hampshire countryside!
    I’m buying another one.

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