Solar Power and Social Responsibility

Some of you may have heard of the WakaWaka Light, a Kickstarter success from 2011 made by Off-Grid Solutions. This solar powered, LED lamp gives a night of light after 8 hours of sun. The key is their power management which ensures it is more efficient than other products on the market. If you don’t believe it read their reviews.  In raising funds the makers also donated 800 units to school children in Kenya as a more logical and safe replacement for kerosene lamps.
Off-Grid is back with a next logical step – WakaWaka Power. In the first few days on Kickstarter they have almost doubled their target amount. I think they have a loyal following! WakaWaka Power will provide the same harnessing of the sun but also include a USB port. Charge your phone, tablet or other device. Monitor your charge level via LED indicators so you know if you need to get into the sun. A light will also be included for reading or whatever use you choose. Power units are available for as little as $69 by pledging to their campaign. The cool part is, continuing their socially conscious ways Off-Grid will donate a WakaWaka Light for every Power unit sold/committed to on their fundraising drive. Units will be sent to families in Haiti, still struggling after the 2010 earthquake. Not up for buying solar power? You can still donate to the WakaWaka Foundation and send a lamp to someone in a UNHCR refugee camp. And if you want to make a difference while also using the green power of the sun to charge and light your life check out WakaWaka Power.