The Solar E Power Cube makes sure you still have power if the lights go out

Solar E Power Cube

There is something that has become so normal to us, we think about it as much as we think about blinking or taking a breath. It seems ever-present, as we are almost never without electricity. The only times we really think about it are during storms, because it goes out. All of a sudden we don’t have it anymore, and depending on how long it’s out, life can become very difficult because we don’t know how to do things the old-fashioned way.

If you want to make sure you always have a backup plan when things start going south, a generator would be handy to have around. Of course, something that needs fuel that you can also run out of isn’t going to do you much good, so you might as well spring for something that is powered by the sun. The Solar E Power Cube 1500 Plus is a 5-panel renewable power source that can collect 80 Watts into a 100Ah hybrid AGM-gel battery.

If you know a storm is coming that could potentially knock out your power, you could always plug it into your home AC outlet. This means you can charge it up without having to wait on the sun to shine. There’s a collapsible handle and solid rubber wheels to easily move it from place to place so you can put it where you think it would be the most useful. There are 2 USB ports, a built-in storage compartment, an LED display, and AC and DC chargers. This will cost you a pretty penny of course as it’s providing you with enough energy to maintain life as normal when you have no other access to electricity. This comes in at the price of $1,299.

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