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Solar E Panels harvests sunlight for your thirsty gadgets

solar-e-panelsWith each new generation of smartphones being introduced, you can be sure that they will pack more and more functionality. The thing about these new functions is, most of the time it will take up more of your handset’s battery life, never mind the fact that the latest device will sport a larger capacity battery than before. Hence, having a backup power solution is always a good idea, and why not rely on a renewable energy source like the sun to get the job done? The $74.99 Solar E Panels, which will arrive in either 5.6 or 11 Watt configurations, are the perfect tool to carry with you.

The Solar E Panels will come with a built-in storage pouch for cables, batteries, and mobile devices, and it should be able to hold more than enough juice to charge up your most vital electronic devices regardless of how far away you are from civilization. The 5.6 watt model will come with an easel back and a single USB output port with 1A, while those who opt for the 11 watt model will be able to enjoy a couple of USB output ports that have a total of 2.1A. Regardless of the model that you pick, both of them will arrive in a foldable configuration for easy transport. I guess there is no longer any more need to fret about a zombie apocalypse, as the Solar E Panels should be able to offer more than enough to keep your gadgets going even when the main power grid is offline.