Solar Insect Theatre attracts bugs to put them on display

Most people dislike having a light outside purely due to the insects that the light seems to attract.  Perhaps it’s time to embrace what the lighting attracts, instead of trying to find ways to get rid of those bugs.  This theatre puts the bugs on display that normally are attracted to the bright shining lights at night.  It not only puts nature on display, but it also is eco-friendly by making the light solar powered.

The light will automatically kick on once the sun goes down.  At that point it will begin to attract Moths, Lacewings, Butterflies and other insects.  You can also put in some branches and leaves within the theatre.  Don’t worry, once the buts fly in, they won’t be trapped in there.  There are plenty of ways for the insects to escape.  You can purchase the theatre for £29.45 or about $48 from Ecotopia.

Source: Envirogadget