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This Solar and Hand Cranking Pocket Emergency Light is a keychain worth having

Solar and Handcrank Emergency light

It’s not that we don’t want to keep functional keychains on our person at all times, but when there aren’t pressing matters to deal with, it’s not at the forefront of our minds. You really can’t know when you’re going to be somewhere that needs light, fire, power, or any other sort of emergency aid. That being said, it would be a bit of a burden to carry every possible precaution with you in a backpack all day every day.

While you don’t want a full pack of gear for just-in-case scenarios, it’s nice to keep some useful tools that won’t weigh you down handy. This Solar Powered & Hand Cranking Pocket Emergency Light will add less than half an ounce to your keys and gives you a flashlight should the world go dark. It’s a square, black plastic device that uses an LED bulb which will pull power through either sunlight or by cranking the internal dynamo.

This flashlight will give you around 3-5 minutes of light after a minute of cranking, 5-7 minutes after 3 minutes, or 50-60 minutes after being cranked to full power, which you can imagine would take quite a while. It has a brightness of 8-10 lumens, and will only cost you $7.99, making it a reasonable trinket to keep around. This isn’t going to save you if you’re trapped in the sewers with alligators, but it will help you find your keys at night if you drop them under your car.

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