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Solar Guitar Tuner

So you think that you are a guitar god, and all should bow down before you? Before you pluck those strings, might you be reminded that perhaps it is prudent for you to make sure that your guitar is in tune? This is where the $39.99 Solar Guitar Tuner comes in handy – not only do you no longer need to rely on the power of batteries, the Solar Guitar Tuner will be able to run just about anywhere, even if you are stuck on a remote island without a single power point in sight. This solar-powered chromatic tuner for your guitar will feature 12 tone equal temperament tuning, and just in case it is really dark and the thunder clouds gather all around you, there is always the back up option of juicing it up via a USB port. No longer do you need to stock up on AA batteries to power the non-solar guitar tuner that you have in your possession. No sir, we are all about clean energy, and clean energy is the future. Good to know that ThinkGeek is doing their part to usher in the future. ]]>