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The Solar Fountain Birdbath

Since summer is here for us folks living in the northern hemisphere, it goes without saying that birds would like to come out and frolic as well, and if you set up a birdbath, they would definitely love to have a go at it. However, getting that birdbath’s water to act as a fountain all by itself would require electricity, and you can either use magic, plug it in to your power outlet, or rely on solar energy as the Solar Fountain Birdbath does. The name itself gives the game away, where your birdbath will perpetually deliver a spring of gently cascading water, courtesy of the solar panel that is located in the center of the fountain that ensures the internal pump remains powered continuously. Only moderate sunlight is required to power the fountain for up to six hours after an eight-hour charge. $179.95 to go green in your garden? Not too shabby at all. ]]>

1 thought on “The Solar Fountain Birdbath”

  1. I bought a Westinghouse 8′ solar lamp to use as a security lamp but the power last just SIX hours. What a ripoff! I’m sure the robbers know and appreciate that the lamp will run out of power around 2-3 in the a.m. And the real crime is the description of the product never mentioned the extent of the power time. It said max 6 hours on the box that it was shipped in. Solar power is a great concept but has years to go before its actual capability matches my expectations.

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