Solar FM Radio Kit

Alright, so it’s not a solar portable iPod speaker kit.  Which means it might have slightly less appeal for the younger ones that are heavily attached to their MP3 player of choice.  However, for those that just love to build and use what they’ve built on a regular basis this little kit would be fun.  Plus this FM radio won’t require you to constantly replace batteries.

This kit includes 16 different pieces that you’ll have to put together to get your favorite tunes on your solar powered FM radio.  In addition to all of those little bits and pieces you’ll get a AA battery.  Now that battery won’t be used all of the time, you can choose to run on either the panel or the battery.  The radio itself doesn’t exactly look modern, but the best part is getting to put it all together.  You can purchase the kit for £14.95 or about $22.

Source: Envirogadget

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