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Solar Elephant Night Light

Giving a child a little comforting light means using a little extra power within your home to keep a night light up and running.  That is unless you happen to pick yourself up this very cute little elephant.  The blue elephant happens to get his source of power from somewhere other than your outlet, which means paying less on those power bills that come around every month.

During the day the blue elephant absorbs all of the power it needs from the sun’s rays.  Then by night it shines just bright enough to offer a little comfort while it’s dark.  The light is actually behind the elephant, which makes it so the elephant is just a silhouette.  The panel is on the back of the elephant as well, so you just have to make sure the back is facing a window.  To pick one up it’ll cost you  £25.99 or about $38.

Source: EnviroGadget

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