Solar Charging 1-LED Torch


If you’re tired of dealing with batteries, then this would be one less gadget you’d need to purchase batteries to use.  Although it won’t make everything you own magically convert to non-battery gadgets, it does take a little bit of the stress out of your life.  Just put this flashlight in a spot that it can catch some sun and it’ll be ready to go whenever it’s needed.

It’s not a very large flashlight either, so it’d be great to use for when you’re cramped under the sink trying to repair a leak.  Then in order to charge the flashlight you just slip it inside of the solar panel and it’ll give it the power it needs.  For being such a tiny flashlight it is surprisingly pricey.  For one of these little things it’ll cost you $42 through Brando.  I suppose that’s the price you pay for attempting to live in an eco-friendly manner though.

Source: TechFresh