Solar cells to be printed on paper?

The Source from this story really caught my attention. The title of it was “solar cells printed on paper”.

This is not the time to say “Nuff Said”. This is the time to figure out how in the world I can download the template of these solar cells, print out a bunch, and wire them to all the appliances an electrical devices in my house. Then I’m calling the power company and telling them that I am officially off the grid, and I am not paying their high bills.

Unfortunately, this tech is “still years away from a marketable product”. That is a real shame, but these solar cells are only 1.5 to 2 percent efficient at converting sunlight to electricity. You might find those numbers to be very low, and they are.

However, my source says that high efficiency solar cells run between twenty to forty percent efficient. Wow. That’s the high efficiency ones? What will it take to get these paper ones up to that level?

So, I don’t know whether or not we are seeing a future full of paper solar cells. I guess I just know that I want some paper solar cells to power up my things. However, with that efficiency rate, could I even get juice for my cellular phone?


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