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Solar Cassette Wallet Calculator

There are times in life when you just need a calculator to help sort out the collection of figures that are sitting right in front of you, and those moments come when you realize that your mental faculties are not exactly in the pink of health. Well, forget about whipping out your smartphone every time, as you can never quite tell how sometimes when you are working on some numbers and figures, and you are carrying out a conversation, right? This ought to be where something that is highly affordable like the $5.99 Solar Cassette Wallet Calculator would come in handy.
This is definitely a blast from the past, considering how that was when the cassette tape was in vogue, and CDs were considered to be a luxury. The Solar Cassette Wallet Calculator will share a similar shape and dimensions as that of a credit card, meaning you can easily slip this into your wallet if you want to. Sporting an 8-digit display (meaning you can’t figure out the billions of dollars that you have with this), the Solar Cassette Wallet Calculator is flat, extremely light, and ought to be able to work just about anywhere, unless there is a nuclear fallout and the sun is blocked due to all the ash in the sky.