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Solar Bird Chaser works better than a scarecrow

solar-powered-bird-chaserSo, you happen to be a landowner with a fair number of crops that are doing extremely well this particular season. The thing is, you lack the manpower to ensure that the crops are not eaten up or pecked at by pesky birds, which is why there is a need for something else to help you out. A scarecrow sounds like a good idea, but those are way too static – which is why perhaps something which is more technologically inclined would come in handy, like the $69.99 Solar Bird Chaser.

As its name suggests, the Solar Bird Chaser is a solar-powered, weather-resistant unit that can be mounted on a wall or fence, and fret not, the necessary hardware will be thrown into the mix. Whenever it detects birds within a 30 feet range, up to a 110 degree arc, it will then get to work by emitting loud, 110 dB predatory bird sounds that ought to scare the feathers out of them. It can also be set for motion-detector or timer mode, now how about that? Since these are solar-powered, there is no need to worry about replacing the batteries within.