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Sola is an intelligent massager to provide you with a relaxing time

solaIt goes without saying that life can get rather stressful after a particularly difficult day at the office – or even at home, so much so that you feel as though you need to get out of the house and enjoy a massage session. However, things do not always end up according to plan, and for all of the ladies out there, should the hubby end up being too tired to meet your amorous advances at the end of the day, perhaps it is time you fall back on a different kind of massager in the form of the Sola , where it has been dubbed to be the world’s 1st intelligent 4-in-1 personal massager that has been designed by women – for women.

The Sola Egg Massager as it is known in full is a 4-in-1 pressure sensitive wellness massager that is ready to ship this coming February 1st, making it arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. This revolutionary intelligent pressure sensitive egg massager was developed for wellness and relaxation, where it has been designed as an exceptional product to meet the varying demands of the everyday modern woman.

Capable of responding to the user’s touch, it has a special pressure activated technology that is very extremely user friendly and will boast of one of the most powerful motors available on the market today. It makes use of high quality body safe silicone, while arriving in a chic, elegant and practical design and was created for deep relaxation and sexual wellness. Being compact in nature, this allows it to fit comfortably in the user’s hand. A quartet of soft silicone attachments that will individually serve a different purpose can be used on any part of the body for deep massage, as well as to soothe aches and pains anywhere. The silicone itself feels soft and satiny, and you can use it anywhere – even in the shower as it is waterproof.

A couple of attachments have been thrown into the mix to deliver a full body massage – the Swedish sleeve is smooth and round and provides a diffused deep massage for overall relaxation, whereas the Shiatsu sleeve boasts of a quartet of contact points which will focus on the precise location of the user’s stress as well as the muscle tightness surrounding it with muscle relaxing deep vibrations.

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