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The SOL Water gives you clean drinking water no matter where you are

The SOL Water Bag

There are a few things we really can’t live without. We have to have food, shelter, and clean drinking water. It’s very difficult to stay alive without any one of these, but most of all is water. We can go for weeks without food, and shelter is more about making sure we don’t bake in the sun or get drenched, but without water, we literally wouldn’t last a week.

Since it is imperative that we have water to drink, anyone who treks into the wilderness knows that they must have a method to get clean water. We’ve seen items like the life straw, and there are other ways to cook or strain out all the bacteria in water of the wilds, but nothing as compact and simple as the SOL Water. This is a non-toxic plastic bag that you can literally dip into a stream, let it bake in the sun, and drink out of.

This doesn’t require any batteries, changing of a filter, or chemicals to make your water drinkable. The reflective backing will amplify the suns rays by 100% or more, cooking the bacteria to the point where they can’t do you any harm. If you thought getting a sunburn was bad, think about what it would be like to be broiled alive on a reflective plate. There are three sizes of this bag, costing you anywhere from $3-10 a piece, or you can pay a few bucks more and get multiples. It would certainly be a useful item to have around, especially since you can fold it up and store it until it’s needed, keep your phone safe from exterior water if it’s empty, or use it for measuring and holding food items since it can withstand extreme temperatures.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

3 thoughts on “The SOL Water gives you clean drinking water no matter where you are”

  1. You should reevaluate your first paragraph. Exposure can kill faster than dehydration or starvation. You ignored the effects of cold/loss of body head, which getting drenched accelerates.

  2. Beware as this item takes into account only “organic” contamination of water. If water is contaminated in other ways (lead, poisonous substances, tossic powders) you will likely to be in trouble anyway, as this product does not have any microfiltering, magnetic filter, carbon filter, ecc…

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