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SOL Republic reveals Amps Air headphones

amps-airSOL Republic is a name that many of us are well versed with, as they have come up with their fair share of fantastic performing headphones in the past. The kind of pedigree that the brand name carries with is certainly not lost on the latest arrival — the SOL Republic Amps Air headphones. What would make this pair of $179.99 headphones worth checking out? It is certainly not priced to target the impulse purchase market, that is for sure, and it would be a proper investment for those who would like to enjoy their music or movies while they are on the move.

For starters, the Amps Air headphones would be sweat-resistant, making them ideal for use while you are busy pounding the pavement as part of your exercise regime in the battle against the bulge. Apart from that, they are also wireless — and this provides you with the kind of freedom that you could only previously dream of, as long as it jives with your music playback device over Bluetooth.

The Amps Air wireless headphones might be small and extremely light, but do not for a second think that battery life is compromised due to the form factor. Capable of allowing up to three hours of playback on a full charge, this is definitely impressive for a pair of wireless headphones. Not only that, to keep up with the trends in the industry at this point in time, the Amps Air headphones will be accompanied by a sleek, portable charging case that will be able to recharge the Amps Air more than 15 times thanks to its integrated 2200mAh battery, while the inclusion of a USB port would turn this into a portable power bank.

Being contoured to fit the ear and wrapped in a silicone sleeve, it sports futuristically designed tapered grooves which provide a lethal look at comfortable yet secure fit. You can choose from Rose Gold, Black, Teal, and Blue shades from the likes of Best Buy, Amazon, and

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