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New software helps the visually impaired with their touchscreen

The past half-decade has seen a real touchscreen revolution, as far as mobile phones and tablet PCs are concerned. However, what good is this revolution to the visually impaired?
Fortunately, Adam Duran (a senior at New Mexico State University), Adrian Lew (a Standford mechanical engineering assistant professor), and Sohan Dharmaraja (a doctoral candidate) have created an astounding interface designed specifically for the visually impaired.
You can watch how it works after the jump, and you will see how the user’s fingers set up the keyboard, instead of a user having to find the right keys. You will note in the video how each letter is stated aloud, and how programs can be found audibly.
Until now, about the only way the visually impaired could interact with touchscreen devices like Android tablets were with expensive devices that cost about four and six thousand dollars. The type of software that I mentioned above cost much less. In fact, it could change the way the visually impaired perceive their touchscreen devices.
I like the idea of letting my fingers set up a keyboard. Too bad this type of software isn’t available on the Android market, at least not just yet. Perhaps we can get this out of the concept closet and into the Market for all mobile platforms.