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This Sofa Tray Table lets you sip tea and read in peace

LipLap Sofa Tray Table

When you finally get some time to yourself, you likely just want to sit and take in the world around you, watch TV, or read a book. During that time you don’t want to be forced to move very much, so you bring snacks and your favorite beverage to join you in your lounging. The only problem is that once you’re comfortable, your food and drink seem a million miles away on your coffee table.

If you are the type of person who likes danger, then you’ve likely balanced your cup and plate on the armrest of the sofa before. One foul move and it’s on the floor or covering what was previously clean furniture. This Sofa Tray Table will help you be a couch potato without the uncertainty of putting a solid object full of food or drink on a squishy surface that gives no promises. This measures 22.5×14”, and should fit nicely over any rectangular armrest. Obviously this isn’t going to work too well if your couch has rounded armrests.

This is made of hard wood slats that have been adhered on top of a linen fabric. The composition makes it so that the material shouldn’t wear too easily, and it will also be very flexible yet sturdy on a flat surface. The wood has a water varnish or stain depending on what you choose, all of which are primarily ash unless otherwise stated. There are vintage black, natural, white, brown, oak, black, wine red, and vintage wine versions, and all options will cost you $56.

Available for purchase on Etsy