Sofa Guard shocks pet into submission

sofaguard.jpgThere is nothing quite like returning home from work after a stressful day at the office, only to unwind on your favorite sofa. Unfortunately, the not-too-bright mutt of yours has cheerfully usurped your throne without your consent, raising your blood pressure yet another notch as you try to reclaim your rightful place without a raised voice. Why not put the Pavlovian principle to the test with the Sofa Guard? Not only do you ensure your throne back home remains YOUR exclusive spot, it will also teach your pet even if you’re not around not to mess with his master’s La-z-Boy.

This unique device comes in the form of an electronic mat that is specially fitted with sensors all over. It will emit a banshee-rivaling 105 decibel alarm whenever your mischievous mutt tries to take a nap on it, ensuring he bolts off in a flash thanks to the sudden noise. It would probably have a more profound effect on cats as they’d bolt off somewhere else in panic with tails between their legs. Of course, this leads to the question of how stubborn (and deaf) your pet is. I am also quite sure your neighbors won’t be too amused to have wailing sirens go off every now and then throughout the day.

The Sofa Guard is a great way to teach your pet that taking a break on upholstered furniture is a definite no-no. Say goodbye to soiled and scratched upholstery that are free from hair and paw marks. This 138cm x 29cm x 3.5cm mat is powered by a single 9V battery that can last for up to half a year of use. The cover is made from a low maintenance, wipe-clean black nylon fabric. You can roll it up for easy storage or leave it there whenever guests drop by to prevent them from planting their butts where you don’t want them to. The Sofa Guard currently retails for £18.95.

Source: Ubergizmo