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Soen Audio introduces Transit XS Mountable Speaker

transit-xsDo you like to have plenty of choice? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would most probably also know that having a wide array of speakers to choose from can be quite the fun experience, especially, if you happen to have a great love for all things audio. Well, Soen Audio has come up with something that might just cater to those who love to listen to their music regardless of where they are, through a mountable device – and by that, I do not mean a mounted CD player, but rather, the Transit XS Mountable Speaker.

Soen Audio is no stranger to producing devices that deliver stunning sound from amazingly small spaces, and they have just announced the availability of the Transit XS mountable speaker. The Transit XS happens to be a portable, mountable Bluetooth speaker, and while you might roll your eyes at it, wondering just what will help set apart the Transit XS from the rest of the bunch, it would be this – the crystal clear sound that this particular device delivers, not to mention it is easily mountable to any ¼ – 20 inch mounting bracket which are normally found on standard tripod or camera mounting hardware.

Since spring is here and summer will soon be upon us, the Transit XS’s mounting system might prove to be the perfect fodder for the upcoming season, as it easily secures to your bicycle with a Soen bike mount in order for you to enjoy your cycling sessions without losing out on listening to your favorite tunes. There is also a belt clip which will let you “wear” the speaker, so to speak, as it is attached to your bag or belt. Basically, the Transit XS is so versatile that it would enable one to mount it on just about anywhere – regardless of whether it is a railing, tree or balcony. It will arrive in red, black and white colors, tipping the scales at 0.6 lbs. and measuring all of 1” thin, with an asking price of $129.95 a pop.

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