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SodaStream introduces Fizzi sparkling water maker

fizziI know that it is very important for us to drink the right amount of water each day so that we remain well hydrated, but surely some of us out there are not too thrilled with the lack of flavor when it comes to normal mineral or drinking water, right? This is one of the reasons as to why sodas and other kinds of fizzy drinks have an edge over regular water. Well, it seems that making some soda water of your own can be quite a thrill, which is why the folks over at SodaStream have announced the arrival of the latest sparkling water maker — known as The Fizzi, and it is set to arrive at US store shelves before September is over.

First known as Spirit when revealed at the International Home & Housewares , this is an entry level machine that will sport the US-specific name of the Fizzi. I suppose it is a whole lot less spiritually threatening being known as the Fizzi, and you will also get the message across that it has nothing to do with hard liquor, either.

The Fizzi machine starter package will arrive with a sticker price tag of $79.99 a pop — something that will not cost a bomb, and will include the Fizzi machine, a BPA-free, 1-liter carbonating bottle and the SodaStream CO2 cylinder to bring bubbles to up to 60 liters of water. The Fizzi was specially engineered at SodaStream’s own labs, so that consumers are able to transform readily available plain water into delicious sparkling water. This particular process takes less than 10 seconds regardless of where you are, and is a snap to use. The Fizzi will make use of the company’s proprietary snap-lock technology which will instantly “clip” the bottle to the machine for a simple user experience. Not only that, it is the slimmest, most space efficient design, and has been engineered with the modern kitchen and dorm room in mind.

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