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The Snow Tool Belt makes sure there isn’t a problem you can’t fix

Tool Belt

It’s a crazy world out there, and you never really know what you’re going to come across in a day. Maybe something fantastic will happen like waltzing into a circus or onto a random movie set. The real life surprises are far less exciting, filled with things like your car breaking down or having some inconvenient screws wiggling themselves loose on your cabinets. It feels like you need to be ready for anything at any given moment, but the question is how you go about being prepared.

While you could choose to keep a bulky pack on you at all times in case of the apocalypse or an emergency camping vacation, it might be better to invest in some multi-tools. We’ve seen tons of EDC tools, and the 686 Snow Tool Belt is another to add to the list. This is a full-grain water-resistant leather belt that was made for those who love winter sports, but could be used in just about any handyman scenario.

The buckle is made of metal, and comes with a built-in Flathead, Phillips #2 screwdriver, wrenches, and a bottle opener for when the present task is completed. It’s not something you’re going to need every single day, but the times that you need it you’ll be happy to have it. This is going to cost you anywhere from $29.99-45, and comes in sizes small to large with color options of black with a silver buckle, brown with a silver buckle, or “ninja”, which is all black leather and hardware.

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