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The SNOOZ is a portable sound conditioning sleep machine


When you have to travel for work, it’s hard to get a good night of sleep every night. You’re in a new hotel seemingly every day, there’s new noises, lights, and the room is slightly different every time. It’s hard to settle down for the day when you’re never seeing familiar sights. We know that keeping up with diet and exercise is hard enough, but when you start to mess with your sleep, your body can and will start rebelling against you, and fast.

Seeing that many people rely on a white noise machine to lull them to sleep, it only makes sense that someone would make a portable version. This is where the SNOOZ comes in. This is an acoustic sound machine that uses a real fan in an acoustically optimized enclosure that will make sure you get very real white noise. There’s no looping, so you don’t have to worry about recognizing a pattern, because there won’t be one.

Although it has a fan, you won’t feel any cold air, and you can adjust the sound it creates. Give it a touch on the top to turn it on or off, the dial will let you choose the tone of the sound, and you can adjust the volume with the dial on the top. There’s a cord storage space underneath the SNOOZ, and it is app enabled so you can control everything about your device from afar. It comes in charcoal or cloud with a blue accent for $59.

Available for purchase on Kickstarter