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The Snooperscope gives your smartphone night-vision, for better or worse


When walking at night, are you the type of person who waits for their eyes to adjust to the light, or do you prefer to have a flashlight with you? Both feel a bit ominous at times in completely different ways, mainly because we can’t see a full picture of everything that’s in front of us. If you could see it all whether it’s day or night, would you want to?

If that was met with a quick yes, then the Snooperscope will be an item worth looking into. This is an attachment for your phone or tablet that will let you see in low or no light situations. It uses special optics to let you see the world of night in a green tint. This would be useful for nighttime wildlife watching, action or sport cameras, or ghost hunters who want to see what goes bump in the night. For that last one, we all hope the answer is nothing.

This runs through WiFi peer-to-peer connection, giving you secure H.264 compressed video feed. It has its own battery which will continue working for up to 4 hours, and won’t be draining your device in the process. To use this, simply connect it to your smartphone and be on your way. You can also configure it for sound or motion detection while leaving it on a stationary tripod where it will send you an email if anything causes a stir. This works with iOS and Android, and will cost you $139, coming in black, white, green, and camo.

Available for purchase on snooperscope