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The Snolo Stealth-X takes sledding a bit too seriously

Snolo Carbon Fiber Sled

There’s nothing quite like sledding on a snow-laden hill. The trip down is always a fraction of the time it takes to go back up, but it’s always worth it. Of course, one very important factor is the type of vessel you choose to carry you down. However, if the conditions are right, you can use anything from the regular bowl-shaped sleds to a cardboard box.

For those of you that want more than a mere experience of sledding, there is the Snolo Stealth-X. This is about the equivalent of bringing an armored tank into bumper cars. Even though it is completely overkill, this predominantly carbon fiber sled is still pretty to look at. The mono shell, front ski, and front arm are all made of this high-grade material, which I assume means it will take the inevitable crashes rather well.

There is a foam padded seat which will allow you lean back and relax on the flip-up padded back rest. If you like to make sure you are securely in place, there are also shoulder straps in a backpack-style placement which are attached to the rear of the sled. This can fold down and be worn as a backpack as well, which will make the return trip up the hill a little less cumbersome. Of course, such a masterpiece will not come cheap. This $2,549 sled is meant for those who have too much money, and want to experience ‘fun’.

Available for purchase on Snolo, found via Uncrate