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The SnapPower puts a USB port on your wall outlet

Snap Power

We are always short on ports and outlets to charge all of our stuff. Even when we’re at home, we sometimes lose the adapter to plug our phones into the wall, and end up having to plug it into our laptops to charge overnight. Of course, it would be much easier if USB ports were as readily available as wall outlets, so why not find a way to combine the two?

The SnapPower is a wall plug that will allow you to plug in your three or two prong plugs while also charging a USB device. This puts out 1 amp, and can be switched out with a duplex or décor outlet plate. If you live in an apartment rather than a house, then you’ll be happy to know installing these takes less than a minute as you’ll only be switching out the plate. Should you move to a new place, you can simply take it back off, put on the old plate, and bring the SnapPower to your next residence.

This comes in white, light almond, or ivory, and will cost you around $16 for one, or $50 for a set of five. This would be perfect for adding an extra port or two (depending on how many outlets are nearby) near your desk at the office, home, or by your bed. While it’s not necessarily a new innovation, it is very low profile, which will be useful for trying to plug in USB devices behind heavy furniture, and only wanting to move things around once to access the outlet.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter