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Snap Power Charger Review

Snap Power Charger

If you like having gadgets and gizmos galore, chances are you’re always struggling to find outlet space for everything. While you may have a power strip next to your bed for everything, it doesn’t mean you’re not still going to need one or two more. If you’re always looking for one more plug for your devices, the Snap Power Charger is a sleek and simple way to do just that. This was a Kickstarter project we looked at before! They grow up so fast.

 I had the pleasure of getting to test these puppies out, and let me tell you, it is easy, breezy, beautiful, and wonderfully convenient. These are outlet coverplates that have a USB charger hiding on the side of them. The only thing that makes them look any different from the coverplate you already have is that a little rounded-edge rectangle juts out of the bottom that has a USB port for charging on the side. They do take a little bit of finagling to install, as you’ll need shut off power to the area of the house you want to put them in, unscrew the current coverplate, and put this one on, but that’s as tough as it gets.

It is infinitely useful to have this in the living room or by your bed so you can keep your laptop going, lamp and clock on, USB fan, headphones, and mouse plugged in while your phone is charging, all without having to compromise which one takes precedence. Don’t tell me you don’t play LoL on your laptop while sitting in bed, because I won’t believe you. These come in two styles, duplex and decorum, which only changes the look of the coverplate slightly, with color options of white, light almond, and ivory so you can match the interior decorum you’ve already got going on. The plastic does feel a teensy, tiny bit less solid than the coverplates I already had on at home, but looking the part and having the extra functionality makes it all ok. Getting a pack of 5 of these one-port coverplates to go all over your home is going to cost you $100, or if you only need one you can pay $20 for a single Charger. It is pricey for what it does, but it’s aesthetic and convenience based, so it’s not terribly surprising. They’re currently on sale for the holiday rush, so these could be a good gift for family, friends, and yourself.

Available for purchase on SnapPower