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Smurf Booklight brings some smurfi-ness into your life

smurf-booklightI am not sure about you, but I find the idea of blue characters running around the place, being extremely small in size, to be rather cute. Especially when they have been turned into a couple of mediocre full motion pictures that delight the kids more than the parents who are viewing it with their little ones. Well, one thing is for sure – the $19.99 Smurf Booklight is a surefire way of earning even more money for the Smurf empire in terms of merchandise, and hey – if it happens to be one of the few ways to encourage your little ones to start picking up the reading habit, why not?

The Smurf Booklight has been modeled right after AstroSmurf, where this star-bound Smurf’s jet pack will hold a couple of bright white LED lights (which are obviously energy efficient, of course), as it clips itself securely to your books using a cool red rocket. Accompanying the Smurf Booklight would be a flexible goose neck cable which makes sure that you will always end up with the necessary kind of coverage required. Three AAA batteries are required to power this Smurf Booklight that measures 2.5” in height, making us wonder whether that is, in fact, the actual height of a smurf. After all, no live specimens have ever been captured for further study, right?