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The SMS Slingshot

Let’s just say I handed you this slingshot with the push button numbers on it. What would you think it was supposed to do?

Perhaps it is a new type of cellular phone, where you dial in the number and shoot it at the nearest cell phone tower to get the best possible signal.

The truth is that this slingshot is designed to shoot SMS messages. Granted, you need to have a big screen as well as a projector to see the messages, but the end result is kind of neat. There is a video of it after the jump that I highly recommend watching.

As you can see, the people are here are entering in their message, and then pulling back on the slingshot to “splatter” it on the giant screen. There is a laser in this thing that will keep track of where you are “aiming”, and then you will have some terrific digital graffiti.

This apparently a project by some media group in Berlin, but that is about all my Source has for “why” of this project. Honestly, I would love to see this experiment repeated at Times Square in New York City, but I don’t believe that screen is a projection screen. Maybe something could be worked out.


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