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The SMOVE is a smartphone stabilizer and power bank


Since YouTube can now be a viable job for just about anyone, it makes sense that we would invest more in our smartphone accessories. The higher quality of videos you put out, the more people will be interested in watching. There is that whole aspect of having content people will actually want to watch as well, but you do want to take into account the caliber of the content you’re putting out there.

For those that like to do daily vlogging and want to use their smartphone to capture their lives, the SMOVE might be something that peaks your interest. This is a combination of a stabilizer and a power bank that will let you get bump and jolt-free footage while simultaneously charging your phone for those long days of shooting. Of course, this would also be useful for people who just like taking videos or photos in general too.

This has a 5200mAh power bank, Bluetooth 4.0, works with iOS and Android, and has a variety of modes to sit at a fixed angle, angle follow, detect and follow faces, panorama shots and more. There’s a joystick for stationary movement, and a button for taking photos and video. These are currently available for pre-order on a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign, and you’ll be looking at $119 if you’re interested in taking it out for a spin. There are many other versions of this sort of thing on the market, so be sure to do your homework before taking the plunge.

Available for crowdfunding on indiegogo