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Smoking Gun helps you create new culinary sensations

smoking-gunPeople talk about the smoking gun when it comes to finding concrete evidence when it comes to solving a particular crime or puzzle, pinpointing the dastardly act down on someone beyond reasonable doubt. That’s fine and dandy if it isn’t you behind the dock with such accusations leveled in your direction, but if you were to have a different take on the smoking gun, then why not check out the $99.99 Smoking Gun instead?

This is a literal Smoking Gun, where it has but one main function in its entire existence – to be able to add a delicious smoked flavor to just about any food of your choice. It takes approximately half a minute to an entire minute to pump in the smoke, and it is by far a whole lot safer compared to operating a full-sized smoker indoors. The Smoking Gun would be an ideal addition to any kitchen or bar creations, as it is not only appealing but unique by itself as there are virtually no other methods that allow you to make such big flavor and aroma differences that easily. It will be powered by a quartet of AA batteries, so if you’re a heavy duty user in the kitchen, you might want to think about getting rechargeables in the long run.