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Smoking Cessation Program might be the turning point

smoking-cessation-programSmoking is not the healthiest habit around, but it has stuck for quite some time already. Of course, it was deemed for one to be “cool” when one smoked many decades ago, but living healthily has risen up on many people’s personal agendas now. While some of us might have the discipline to quit smoking cold turkey, others might find it to be a whole lot more challenging to do so, which is why there have been alternatives such as nicotine patches, e-cigarettes and vaping devices. If all else fails, how about the $99.95 Smoking Cessation Program?

This happens to be a 10-day cessation program that addresses the physical and psychological challenges of quitting smoking without having to make use of nicotine. It is different from other stop-smoking aids such as gum or patches, as it makes use of homeopathic principles including aversion and audio therapy. The foldable headset will deliver therapeutic music and rely on a dozen LEDs (six per ear) to transmit light energy to pressure points within the ear, which will assist in reducing the amount of stress and anxiety associated with nicotine withdrawal. It also comes with a 1-oz. homeopathic spray that uses all-natural non-addictive ingredients to help reduce tobacco cravings with two under-the-tongue squirts. Thrown into the mix is a 46-minute CD that offers audio therapy which will calm the mind and provide one with the relevant psychological empowerment to overcome a smoking addiction. Pretty much your stop smoking therapist on the move!